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Though Ma’mar starts with chapter marking, it is not much developed.

Although most scholars have accepted the attribution of the Jami’ to Ma’mar bin Rashid, there has been some debate about the issue, notably, the argument between Dr. This paper delineates the inception and the main threads of the arguments between them, ultimately providing convincing evidence of both the correctness of the attribution of the Jami’ to Ma’mar and al-A’zami’s acceptance of this fact.vii) There is a subtle hint in the title of Ma’mar’s work at the end of the Musannaf.It is “Kitab al-Jami’.” Had it been a part of the Musannaf then preferably the title would have been “al-Kitab al-Jami’” or “al-Bab al-Jami’.” viii) Habibul Rahman Al-‘Azmi did not respond to Dr. While Al-A’zami referred to the statements of late classical scholars like Muhammad bin Sa’id Sunbal al-Makki and ‘Abdul ‘Aziz al-Dehlawi, some six hundred years before them Ibn Khayr al-Ashbili (d. Hamidullah’s suggestion that Al-‘Azmi did not respond apparently because of finding his arguments acceptable has evidential support as well.This means to these scholars the section being alleged as al-Jami’ of Ma’mar bin Rashid was only the last chapter of ‘Abdul Razzaq’s al-Musannaf.

ii) There are reports in the alleged al-Jami’ of Ma’mar that do not have Ma’mar in the chain of narrators.These narrations, he then argued, belie any suggestion to consider the section as Ma’mar bin Rashid’s work. i) Two manuscripts of Ma’mar bin Rashid’s al-Jami’ have been located in Turkey. If Sa’id Sunbal or Shah ‘Abdul ‘Aziz saw some such manuscript and wrote something there is no blame on them. Had someone brought the matter to their attention and they still had done the same, then it would have been significant. 275/888) in a manuscript where the latter is a narrator of the book. iv) If the Egyptian scholar Fu’ad Seyyed has attributed the Damascene manuscript to ‘Abdul Razzaq, it was because of his being unaware of the Ankara and Istanbul manuscripts.

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